The Central Archaeology Group is an archaeology and cultural heritage consulting company with offices in
Eastern and Western Canada. We have assembled a skilled team of experts to provide you with a full range of
professional services for the identification, evaluation, and management of archaeological and heritage resources.

Senior Staff

Derek Paauw

President and Senior Archaeologist, has been involved in archaeological excavations and survey for over seven years, taking a keen interest in transitional areas of occupation between culture groups, paleoethnobotanical studies, and geophysical methods and analysis. He received his MA in Anthropology from Trent University in 2006 and is a Doctoral Candidate in Archaeology at Memorial University, his research funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. In addition to his experience in North and Central American archaeology, Derek was formerly employed at the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture, and Recreation (now the Ministry of Tourism and Culture). In the past few years Derek has served as Project Manager, Archaeology Supervisor, and Field Director on intensive cultural resource surveys, archaeological excavations, and archaeological and cultural heritage assessments around the globe. He has recently directed assessments for road improvements and realignments, aggregate extraction areas, Municipal infrastructure improvements, hydro line developments and various urban archaeological projects. Derek is an active member of the Canadian Archaeological Association, the Ontario Archaeological Society, the Society for American Archaeology, the Society for Historical Archaeology, the Society for Industrial Archaeology, and is listed in the Registry of Professional Archaeologists.

Laura McRae

Director and Senior Archaeologist, has studied archaeology for the past eight years in Central and North America, specializing in archaeological pedagogy, geophysical methods and paleoshorelines and inundated sites. She received her MA in Anthropology from Trent University in 2006 and postgraduate certification in the Archaeology of Standing Buildings from Leicester University in 2007. Currently, Laura is undertaking a MSc in Underwater Archaeology from Flinders University and is a Doctoral Candidate in Archaeology at Memorial University in Newfoundland, her research funded by an Memorial University scholarship. As a senior archaeologist with CAGI, Laura has conducted numerous archaeological assessments in both rural and urban contexts for a number of private and public sector clients. Typical projects may include: roads and highways, bridges, hydro transmission facilities, severances, aggregate quarries, landfills, built heritage, and cultural landscapes. Laura also serves as an archaeology advisor for the Algonquin of Ontario. As a member of the Métis Nation of Manitoba, Laura is particularly concerned with the transition period between pre-contact First Nations groups and the introduction of European trade and settlement. Laura is an active member of the Society for American Archaeology, the Canadian Archaeological Association, the Ontario Association for Professional Archaeologists, the Ontario Archaeological Society, and the Canadian Association of Heritage Consultants.

Ryan Coghlin

GIS Specialist and Associate Archaeologist for The Central Archaeology Group Inc. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Trent University and a Graduate Certificate from Fleming College’s GIS – Applications Specialist program. Ryan has experience in all stages of the spatial data process, from field data capture to cartographic output. He specializes in modeling and mapping archaeological potential and possesses strong programming skills for the design of custom solutions to spatial problems. With extensive experience in North American archaeology, Ryan has also been involved in cultural resource surveys, archaeological excavations and archaeological and cultural heritage assessments throughout Ontario.