The Central Archaeology Group is an archaeology and cultural heritage consulting company with offices in
Eastern and Western Canada. We have assembled a skilled team of experts to provide you with a full range of
professional services for the identification, evaluation, and management of archaeological and heritage resources.


The Central Archaeology Group Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in the Archaeological Consultancy Sector.  We are client-focused and aim to complete your project within the framework of an agreed strategy, budget, and timescale.  The Central Archaeology Group Inc. has a dedicated team to help you with any requirements and we are pleased to offer our clients the following services in English and French.

Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Resource Assessments including:
Archaeological and Heritage Resource Impact Assessments
Archaeological Master Plans
Archaeological Monitoring, Testing, Survey, and Excavations

Underwater and Maritime Archaeology Studies including:
Underwater and Inter-Tidal Survey and Excavations
Maritime History Research
Paleo-Shoreline Studies

Built Heritage and Cultural Landscape Studies including:
Architectural and Built Heritage Resource Assessments
Cultural Heritage Landscape Resource Assessments
First Nations Land Use History Studies
Historical Background Research Studies

Cemetery Studies including:
Cemetery Relocation
Burial and Unmarked Grave Location

Geophysical Surveys including:
Magnetometry / Gradiometry Surveys
Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
Electromagnetic Resistivity Surveys

Specialist Studies including:
Collection and Analysis of Paleoethnobotanical Samples
Ceramic Analysis and Interpretation
Faunal Analysis and Interpretation
Lithic Analysis and Interpretation

Design and Illustration Services including:
Archaeological Drawing and Site Reconstruction
Geographic Information System (GIS) and Predictive Modeling

Education and Training including:
Tourist Guide and Programming Training
Materials for Schools and Educational Activities